My Bed &  I

My Bed & I


The installation includes a 13.30 minutes video, one brass headboard, two Régence bergères, a pair of Bisquit statuettes and a wardrobe full of clothes, shoes and other personal belongings, perfectly arranged and classified in a  4 x 4 m. room.

Alma Porry Pastorel was born in Rome on September 15, 1914. In the late fifties she moved to Mexico City. Few years later, perfectly healthy, she started organizing her whole life from bed, until she radically decided to spend the rest of her life in it.
In the afternoons, family and friends gather around her bed to talk, discuss and laugh about each other’s lives. “To be presentable”, every single morning, she carries on the thorough ritual of dressing and making herself up.


Installation description

Among a brass headboard, two Régence bergères, a pair of Bisquit statuettes and other women personal belongings, a series of vintage designer clothes are hanging perfectly aligned, across a 4 x 4 m. room. Over the walls a video is projected.


Duration                                 13.30 minutes
Original language                Italian
Subtitles English & French      
Format                                         VHS & PAL


Video credits

Director, DPI & script writer           Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo      
Producer Uroboros~Basilisco
Editor Carlotta Cerquetti
Music Vampire, Vracchi-D’Anzi
Video post production Alejandro Cons
Place & date of production Mexico, 2010

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