Carrière: The 8th Letter


Jean-Claude Carrière is world known as one of the most brilliant and prolific script writers of the 20th Century.

His work as a writer also includes short stories and essays on very different subjects that go from philosophy and psychology to oral tradition, mysticism and science.
He has also produced hundreds of drawings and cartoons as well as artist books.
As a script-writer he worked with Forman, Buñuel, Tati, Schlendorf, among many others.

His scripts are considered movie classics. Just to mention some of the most famous ones: Belle de Jour, The Obscure Object of Desire, Viva María, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Cyrano de Bergerac and The Name of the Rose.

Published for the first time in this book, the 7 letters that Carrière wrote to her daughters -from the seven different cities that marked his life-, constitute a short autobiography as well as a moving and intimate testimony of the 20th Century.

most relevant events:

The 8th letter is written from an imaginary place to his dead friends, which were some of the most influencing intellectuals, artists, actors, philosophers and scientists of his time.

Together with the letters, the book includes Carrière’s drawings, sketches,cartoons, souvenirs and personal photographs taken by well known international photographers.







H. Cartier Bresson, R. DoisneaU, M.E. Mark, Ragu Rai, Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo         


Jean Claude Carrièrre




French, English & Spanish





First edition





Technical Specifications

Cover                     Hard bound
Format Portrait
Size 8 x 10 in. (extended 16 x 10 in.)
Extend 160 pages
Copies 1000 – 200


Cover                      2 mm. frayboard, wrapped with cloth & embossing                     
Ends 200 g. couché semi matte paper ?????           
Interior                    130 g. couché paper with matte lamination                                


Cover                      4c x 4c                                                                                  
Ends 1c x 0
Inside 4c x 4c  ????? sleeve ???


Smyth sawn


















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