INDIA 50/50


India 50/50 is a photographic and editorial work consisting of 50 black & white images, taken by the visual artist Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo, during his 50 days journey around this Country. Only one photograph is chosen by each working day.

In these enigmatic images, India is portrayed in its ancestral poetic essence (resulting in a non-intententional homage to classic photographers), as well as in its apparent contemporary ironic nonsense.

The particularity of the artist’s point of view is that, paradoxically, in both cases India could be any other place in the world and only India.

Two prologues have been specifically written for this project, produced by Irma Aponte Acosta: one by
 the Mexican philosopher and poet Elsa Cross (Universidad Nacional de México) and another one by the French researcher and critic Jean Philippe Imbert (Dublin City University). The original graphic design merges two books in one, giving the reader the possibility to start from the front or from the back.

India 50-50 Jacket


India 50-50 book dummy cut PDF




Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo                       


Elsa Cross /Fewzia Bedjaoui


Jean Phillipe Imbert







First edition    


Technical specifications

Cover                    Hard                                                                                       
Format                   Landscape                                                                               
Size                       11.5 x 15 in  (extended 23 x 15 in)                                            
Extent       128 pages
Copies 1000 (600 in spanish & 400 in english)



Cover                      2 mm. frayboard, wrapped with cialux black cloth & embossing                   
Sleeve 200 g. glossy paper with matte film lamination               
Ends                        210 g. wood free paper gray pearl color                                                 
Interior                    210 g. GardaPat Klassica paper                                                                                   



Sleeve                    3 c x 0 (duotone + PMS)
Ends 1c x 0
Inside duotone + 2 pages 4c x 4c



Hand sawn




Bus Stop, Jaipur, Rajasthan



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