A postulate on glace. One of the consequences of the digitalization of human culture is the formation of a universal screen on which optical signs (textimages) fleetingly appear in a ceaseless flux, somewhat like a shifting mist. This screen doesn’t exist, but underlies the existence of all sorts of more or less immaterial surfaces before which we see ourselves pass as silhouettes, just as formerly we saw our figures standing out against city walls or the horizon of fields… The hallucination is a substance: it is the optical fluid the gaze sinks into, as much as the color bathing the objects and characters. Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo isolates the distillates of this substance…

Joseph Mouton



Photographs                                  Alejandro Gómez de Tuddo 
Foreword   Joseph Mouton 
Pems   Cécile Mainardi 
Language  French, Spanish & English 
Publishers  Uroboros-Basilisco, RAI, &  Edizione Albatros   
ISBN english version  88-89512 01-6 
ISBN Italian version 88-89512-00-8 
First edition 2004





Technical specifications

Cover                         Hard bound                                             
Size                            13 x 9 in. (extended 26 x 9 in.)
Extent       164 pages
Copies 1500 (500 in english and 1000 in italian)   
Format                        Landscape


Ends                           200 g. wood free paper
Interior 200 g.  semi matte couché paper & 180 g. wood free paper 


Cover                       4c x 0 
Ends 1c x 0
Inside 4c x 4c & 1c x 1 c     


Smyth & sawn 


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